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At the latest, ticket sales for the 32nd edition will start on June 19, 2023. Reservations for new subscriptions or any questions can be addressed directly to the organizer.

The online reservation systems are not connected. They also offer different seats to sell. If you do not choose your seat on one reservation system, kindly try another company.



The organizers of the concert series are Svátky hudby ry and MusicCom

Mgr. Radek Hrabě
+420 244 462 574

+420 723 704 474


Karolína Jáchimová
+420 244 462 574
+420 605 211 744

Concert venues

  • from 200 CZK to 1000 CZK

  • based on the category and venue of the concert

Annual subscription

  • New subscription for the 2023 / 2024 season only on request by the e-mail address

  • We count on subscribers from previous years.

Ticket prices

Discount programs

  • Seniors from 65 years of age - 20% discount upon presentation of ID

  • Children under 15 years old - 50% discount

  • Holders of ZTP and ZTP/P cards - 50% discount upon presentation of the relevant document

  • Holders of ISIC and ITIC international student cards -  20% discount upon presentation of the relevant document

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