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"I have to say that the idea of the festival and connecting the budding artists
with renowned stars of classical music is amazing. Personally, I rate not only the opening night, but also the entire festival very positively. It is always gratifying to watch
traditions are formed. A je to radost o to větší, že za laskavého patronátu mistra Václava Hudečka se zde při interpretaci děl věhlasných komponistů mají možnost prezentovat_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and introduce especially young artists, whose view of known and less known pieces can turn out to be original, innovative
and inspiring. About going
the fact that former debutanti se at the Music Festival
in Prague they return - often as matadors of European stages and halls."


Martin Diviš,

General Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kooperativa pojišťovna, as, Vienna Insurance Group

"...Not only the duration of the festival, but above all the personality of Václav Hudeček, who stands
at its head, and also an interesting concept of connecting beginning artists
with renowned stars of classical music - all this is a guarantee of the highest quality. The cooperative considers itself 
for the honor that she could give her support to this unique project. ..”


“The evenings I spent
in the Dvořák Hall of the Prague Rudolfinum, I could hardly count. Sometimes I have the opportunity to present concerts from the stage, other times I enjoy the music as a spectator. But rarely around each other
in the auditorium, packed
to the last place, I see as much enthusiasm as at the opening concert of the 22nd annual Music Festival. Friday, October 25, 2013 brought visitors more than just relief
from election tension, but also a warm experience. Václav Hudeček, who is loved by several generations of music-loving audiences, but
and Peter Dvorský, unfortunately absent due to his diplomatic mission in Italy, offered a show of young interpretation talents, his pupils. And so three Czech violinists and singers and a singer from Slovakia excelled. Eva Urbanová also completed the overall picture with her art. The standing ovation has recently become somewhat of a fad here; this time, however, he was fully on point. Jsem si jist, že většina návštěvníků odcházela z Rudolfina s pocitem, že alespoň některé z dalších koncertů v rámci Svátků music is definitely not to be missed.”

doc. MD Bohuslav Svoboda, CSc.

Mayor hl. cities of Prague (2012)

PhDr. Jiří Vejvoda, Ph.D.

Publicist and presenter


Milan Štěch,

Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic


"Mr. Hudeček's art belongs to the very top of contemporary Czech culture. Festivals of music, which are connected with his work and virtuoso art, are therefore an extraordinary opportunity to hear top performances of classical music. It is also appreciated that
that Mr. Hudeček helps with his personality
and gives a chance to emerging talented artists.”


Chuhei Iwasaki
岩ﺑ 宙平

"We thank you. a concert with you means a lot to us, especially for students it means a lot.

I'm looking forward to 24.11.2020!!"


Taťána Šebestová,

The ticket winner v Kooperativa pojišťovna competition

"...I have to confide in my impressions again
from yesterday's concert. The ranks of the conservatory were not as full this time as at the previous women's performance (concert "Cherchez la femme"), however, what the little
and young  talented students... it was wonderful... Mr. Hudeček also played and his kind words and natural demeanor are a beautiful accompaniment to the whole evening... Yes… music is music…
and he listens not only with his ears..
but also with the heart…. It was very beautiful and I thank our company... for allowing us to experience such beautiful moments..."


Ivan Moravec


"Music holidays in Prague, a cycle of extraordinary concerts Václav Hudeček and his guests celebrate their 20th anniversary. I wish Václav
in the coming years, good health and strength for his selfless help to young godfathers. May he always be accompanied by the favor of the audience and generous _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5b5cf58d_bearing months.


Radek Baborák,

Horn player and conductor

"I wish the festival to last
and above all he had enough listeners, fans, generous patrons and sponsors.
And, of course, as many quality concerts as possible!"


Jana Boušková


"I don't even want to believe that the Festival of Music in Prague is already celebrating such a significant anniversary this year. I wish
from the heart, may the performers continue to caress us with their rare atmosphere and the listeners with beautiful music. May he always be surrounded by many supporters and also by the support of people,
without which such festivals could not even exist. I wish you all the best and many more successful years.”


Ivo Kahanek


“Thank you Music Festival for creating
in all respects a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere, which every musician needs for his performance. Have a great time

and good luck with your festival!


PhDr. Aleš Bluma 

Journalist, musicologist, historian 

"Passacaglia performed by Markéta and Ivan Vokáčová was one of the highlights of the evening.

The performance of Tchaikovsky's Sextet Souvenir de Florence will withstand the strictest standards.

Jak Passacaglia v podání Markéty a Ivana Vokáčových, tak Čajkovského sextet v podání všech umělců patřily k tomu nejlepšímu, co jsme v_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_recently
heard in Prague concert halls.

The dramaturgy of the Festival of Music, whose artistic director is Václav Hudeček, had a great idea this year - to invite married couples to the stage. Tuesday evening in the hall of the Prague Conservatory she called the Love Duet and dedicated it entirely to string instruments. And as is already customary in the case of Music Festivals, they were
especially young artists, whom we only recently knew mainly as winners of various competitions, who came to show off their art. It turned out that, although young, they are
they are excellent performers. (Prague 21/03/2019)

Vilém Vlček is a great hope among our cellists.

Václav Hudeček won the award of the Czech Music Council for supporting young artists.

In Lukáš Bařák is growing a follower  of Adam Plachetka.

Prague really can't complain that it would
she missed classical music festivals. From the world famous ones to the small ones
and specialized in a certain period or music. Stand out in this competition
it is extremely difficult to last 27 years, that
is downright admirable. Similar festival
succeeded in creating Václav Hudeček. His Festivals of Music are a real feast
with an interesting dramaturgy and most importantly
with interesting performers. (Prague 25/10/2018)"


Lukáš Klansky


"I have been working with Václav Hudeček for several years. I played Beethoven's third concerto for the first time at the Festival of Music almost four years ago. It was my first major concert opportunity at the time, and I am very grateful to Václav for that. (…) I respect Václav very much and musical experiences with him enrich me both artistically and personally. I hope that the festival will continue to delight all listeners with its high artistic quality and excellent atmosphere, of which there will hopefully still be enough, even
at a time when serious music is not always given as much attention as it deserves."


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